Welcome to my photo-a-day blog. What is a photo-a-day blog you ask? Well its a simple concept and a daily challenge.

The back story. I love Pinterest. This I will not deny. While surfing around Pinterest I found a unique photo challenge called "Photo-a-day". Although I can't say for sure who started this challenge, there is a blogger, Fatmumslim, who puts out a monthly list of photos to take. The goal is to follow along every day and post your pictures either on FacebookTwitter,InstagramPinterest, a blog or some other form of social networking.

I've tried blogging in the past but could never seem to stay on top of it. But developing a photo-a-day blog seemed completelyfeasible for a few different reasons. First, I am now the proud owner of an Iphone 4s - sorry BlackBerry, it was fun while it lasted. This allows me to take, edit and upload to this blog where ever I am. Second, I really do love photography. I have a DSLR that I absolutely love. Her name is Hannah, in case you were doubting me on that one. I don't use her that much these days because my laptop has been struggling a little bit, so it is a pain to upload pictures onto my computer.

My philosophy is this: there are so many beautiful, unique and wonderful things on this earth, so why not take a picture of something different every day?

I hope you will check back often and maybe leave a comment if you see something you like.

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